KT36p1: Political Work Group – Negotiate!

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—- Arakawa Kouki point of view —-

“From the direction 0-0-1, the suit who was sent to the fort is coming back”

“Roger, let the him enter on the second hatch. Make immediate preparation for his arrival”

At the Combat Information Center (CIC), the area was dim in blue light inside the battleship Alice as the captain gave order on the operator with his words. The captain of Alice is certainly the previous captain of Tolstoy. Why is he in command and aboard this thing? While I idly considering his situation, the captain stood up from his seat, walked close to ‘me’ and talked while saluting.

“Kakka, our scouts have returned. Alice will take off in an hour, would this be acceptable? ” (TN: For some reason, they are addressing Kouki as Kakka(閣下), it means ‘Your Excellency’ or ‘Your Honor’. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not very knowledgeable with Japanese Military Term, I don’t know if Kakka is also used for high ranking officer or they are just respecting Kouki. Since it is a pain to think about it, I will just leave it as ‘Kakka’)

“I’ll leave it to you”

While watching the captain who salutes after listening to my words, Claire-san talks to me.

“Kakka, we still have time. May I offer you a drink?”

“That’s true, then I will have some”

I was looking at the back of Claire-san who is leaving after saying “I’ll prepare it immediately” as I entrust my back on my chair. Thirty CIC personnel are busily moving around in front of my eye but no one is complaining to me who doesn’t do anything. Feeling uneasy with this uncomfortable feeling, Claire-san came back with coffee in her hands.

“It is hot, so please be careful”

As I drank the coffee, the rich aroma spread forth and made me a little bit more relaxed. I confirmed the time on the terminal attached on my arm and it looks liked 4 hours had passed since we departed from Noah Island. I think this is a good time as any to tsukkomi about this situation. (TN: Tsukkomi = Straight Man. This is a term used for Japanese comedy duo: ‘boke’ and ‘tsukkomi’. The ‘boke’ has the role of an idiot or a fool while the ‘tsukkomi’ is the decent person who retorts on the boke’s action/words. In Japanese local (outside of Owari), ‘boke’ is also used as a common insult similar to ‘baka’ which means ‘idiot’)

“Claire-san, can I ask you something?”

“Of course, how can I help?”

“Why am I sitting in the Admiral’s seat?”

Claire-san tilt her neck as if she heard something strange.

“Kouki-kun… No, that is not right. Major General is equivalent to an ‘Admiral’. I think it is reasonable enough for you to have the Admiral Seat─── If you are tired, would you like to take a rest in your room until the start of operation?”

“No, I am fine. Sorry for saying something strange. Please get back to work”

In my words, Claire-san began operating the communication device to contact the 2nd Ship “Claire”. However, that’s not what I meant! What I’d like to ask is why am I sitting as an Admiral of the first ship and have the role of commanding the 25,000 members of the advance team? I’d like to shout out my complains! Moreover, nobody is wondering about this situation, isn’t that strange? If I say “All troops, attack the fortress!”, will they obey!? Let’s stop… It will make me crazy if I think further about it.

Let’s just watch a documentary film titled ‘Ecology of Sea Turtles’ which I recorded from Earth until we contact mom and the others on the 2nd ship. I am not escaping reality… I just want to watch, so I started playing the video on my terminal while making such excuses in my mind.

“Kakka, Kakka?”

When the scene about the sea turtles returning to sea was shown in the video, Claire-san spoke to me. Apparently, time has passed for quite a while. When I turn my face to Claire-san while drinking cold coffee, she started to report the current situation.

“At the moment, the 2nd ship has passed through the scheduled point. They have sent a message to the first ship saying ‘Please start the operation’. With this, the first ship Alice will begin the operation and head to Merkava Kingdom. Do we have your permission?”


Claire-san who got my consent repeat what she said as it is to the captain. I do not know the commands that I should give on our group so I can only say three words, “Yes, No and I leave it to you” and Claire-san will take care of the rest… That’s it! Claire-san is a secretary officer but is filling my role while I am just a decoration. I finally figure out why I am sitting in the Admiral seat. That means if I gave wrong instructions, Claire-san will correct or oppose it. I should give order with confidence next time she ask me. While I was thinking about such things, the captain began preparing for departure.

“Complete preparation! Deactivate Optical Camouflage and start the engine”

“Starting engine, reactor is stable at 35% output, escort suits that have been deployed for defense are being recalled… accommodation complete, units are being anchored… collection complete. We are now ready to mobilize.”

“Alright! Alice move out!”

Uo~oo! That’s so cool! It is somehow similar to an anime show that I watched in my previous life. While I was leaning forward due to my excitement, the captain talked to me while looking at his stopwatch.

“Kakka, from a complete stop till our departure… it took us 98 seconds. What do you think about it?”

“I think it is well executed, you guys are well trained”

I have no idea about the speed but it should be a speed that needs to be praised because the captain told me about it with a smile. When I compliment and praised them, I saw Claire-san nodding with a smile. Good, Nice… Looks like I gave the correct answer.

Besides, Claire-san will ‘fill the hole’ if my answer earlier is wrong. I asked for another cup of coffee as I was happily satisfied that my intuition for the answer is correct.

“Reporting! 8,000 knights of the kingdom has positioned themselves in front of the fortress.”

A CIC personnel made a report after sitting for about an hour, drinking coffee. Although the report surprised me for a bit, I regained my calmness after I see the enlarged image. There are certainly numerous number of deployed knights but they are wearing armor which are shiny. The flag of the knights and the flag of the kingdom are flapping through the wind. Perhaps they are ceremonial soldiers assigned to welcome our arrival. I am ashamed of myself for thinking that they are setting up for a war.

“Kakka, what should we do?”

Claire-san asked me a question but I totally got this! If it was the old me, I will just say “What do you think?” but I am prepared this time. When my mom told me before ‘Go relax in your room’, I have properly studied the way on how to repay ceremonies in case of diplomatic ritual.

Since macho was equally in contact with Cloverence-san using Earth’s custom inside the fort, I believe that other Earth custom would also work. If I remember correctly… when honor soldiers are lined up like that, the repatriation carried out by warships of the other countries was a “21-gun salute”. If all of our gun shoots blank shells, we can appeal that “We have no intention to engage in war” to them. I will tell Claire-san my thoughts. (TN: 21-gun Salute is the most commonly recognized of the customary gun salutes that are performed by the firing cannons or artillery as a military honor)

“Claire-san, aim our cannons towards the sky and shoot 4 times. We should use blank shells. So make sure not to use live ammunition “

Since Alice has two sets of 3 26cm cannons. It will have a total of 24 shots. That was more than 3 compared the norm but I guess it won’t really matter.

“Wa~ Yes! Use Blank Shell, Captain! Shoot 4 times towards the sky using the main guns”

Umu~ it seems that my judgement was right because Claire-san did not object. I was able to show my appeal to a beautiful and wise girl. Being in good mood, I decided to watch the CIC people do their work with a smile on my face.


—- Alice Type Ground Battleship Captain, Dylan Point of View —-

Fifteen days since the former crew members of Tostoy gathered at Noah, I was informed by the Human Resources Department that I will be taking over as the captain of ‘Alice Type Ground Battleship, Alice’ on which I am currently aboard right now. Originally, I was thinking that it was just a big tank with beautiful name as a battleship but I still had high expectation since it is designed by Kouki-kun. I first saw Alice when it was transferred to the newly made forefront base in the continent instead on Noah Island due to its huge size… I was startled when I saw it. Alice, which have almost the same size as the flagship of an Aircraft Carrier Group, was just right to be called a Battleship. I think being a captain of Alice is too much for me who only been aboard on submarines so I went to Arakawa-joshi, President of Noah, to back down but she just deny my plea while laughing.

“It was planned that Kouki is going to board the first ship. It is necessary to have high level of skills to operate this ship and everyone under Captain Dylan, who commanded the state-of-the-art attack type nuclear submarine, are the only capable people to do so. I have consulted with my husband and we both judge that your team are the best personnel for this ship. We are looking forward with your cooperation”

After she said that, I was deeply impressed with her words as she bow down her head. On Earth, due to the development of missile defense technology and abandonment of nuclear weapons, attack type nuclear submarines are becoming useless as time pass by. For that reason, this recognition is something that does not exist in any country. Even if we refine our delicate maneuvering skills in deep sea, no one can evaluate our ability since no one can see us. In the general opinion, submarines are recognized as weapons of weak men. In such circumstances, where joshi is asking me to take over as a captain while lowering her head and giving us the honor of having Kouki-kun on board. On her attitude, I

“I will gladly serve as captain and give it my all”

I answer without second thought. After that, for the first time with Kouki-kun, we boarded the ship and departed for the operation. Kouki-kun── I mean, Kakka would only say “I will leave it to you” no matter what we asked.

Normally, such attitude will have “I don’t feel like doing anything” vibe about it but me and the others don’t feel such things from his words. I believe that the time will come where he will make an order just like the previous time when he help us so we continue our cooperation with him.

“Captain! The first ship, Alice, will begin the operation and head to Merkava Kingdom “

While doing my work normally and thinking about such things, Lieutenant Colonel Claire, Kakka’s adjutant came up with instructions. Following the command, we prepare Alice for departure. Using the stopwatch to measure the time, we got a good result of 98 seconds.

Since it exceeded 120 seconds before, this figure is a satisfying speed. Without resetting the stop watch as it was, I took of my place and report to Kakka that we only took “98 seconds”.

“I think it is well executed, you guys are well trained”

Kakka was satisfied with the numerical value and he smile as he give his word of praise. The CIC personnel loosened their mouths and was glad on those words. It was worthwhile that we trained hard so as not to embarrassed ourselves! I decided to return to my position as I look at him who asked for a new cup of coffee.

We travel without anything happening and we were able to see the fort in front of us after an hour. When a personnel zoom the camera to look at the state of the fort, the complexion of his face changed and report it.

“Reporting! 8,000 knights of the kingdom has positioned themselves in front of the fortress.”

To confirm, he expanded the video with haste on the main screen. It turned out that the Knights of the kingdom are deployed and is in formation. I was interested in learning ancient history when I was young, their formation is surely similar to the Roman’s ‘Regio(レギオー)‘” (TN: Regio is a Latin word of Region and Italian word for Royal so I’m not sure what he meant by this. Since it doesn’t make sense, I check the LN and looks like they translate this as “Legion”)

It seems the kingdom is prepared for battle. It would be better to withdraw for now and report to the other team, I decided so but was stopped by my subordinate when I tried to make a suggestion to Kakka.

“Captain, the kingdom is apparently equipped with ceremonial equipment. It is hard to say but it can be taken as ‘no intention to battle’…Even if you want to withdraw, our political judgement is not enough”

Muu~u, we are in trouble. If we withdraw here, it will show that we succumbed to pressure from the kingdom side but if we go straightforward we may be attacked. Should I leave the decision to Kakka. As I thought so, I watch over him sitting at the Admiral’s seat, and he soon instructed the Colonel.

“Claire-san, aim our cannons towards the sky and shoot 4 times. We should use blank shells. So make sure not to use live ammunition”

“Wa~ Yes! Use Blank Shell, Captain! Shoot 4 times towards the sky using the main guns”

No way! Do you mean to do a warning shot? I do not want to fight the knights which the kingdom deployed, there the possibility of immediate warfare with the kingdom if this did not go well. Does he understand the current situation? I harden myself to ask him again if we should really shoot but Kakka had a ‘happy smile on his face’… I see… mu~ Kakka already assumed this kind of situation.

The lieutenant is also puzzled by the warning shot order but it seems she do not plan on stopping it as it is not an order to shoot directly on the knights. I raised my voice and command the shooting officer.

“Prepare our main cannons to shoot 4 times! Use Blank Shells and aim for the sky!”

“Positioning Hull, Anchor Injection…. Positioning completed! Confirming the withdrawal of the accompanying vehicles from the danger zone. Target is set 40 degrees at port side. We are ready to fire”


Do~o~on! Doo~o~on!

When shooting begins, a tremendous shock rocks the ship’s body even though we shot blank shells. Alice-Type which is relatively light in weight in contrast to its size will float up with recoil if the anchor is not injected to the ground to position the hull for bombardment. Because of this, it is impossible to fire the main cannons while moving but that downside is filled with the 40 VLS installed in the rear.

There is also a ‘secret weapon’ for times when both the main guns and VLS become unusable but we don’t have to use that right now.

“Firing complete. I will display the front of the fortress on the main screen again.”

The screen shows that the knights of the kingdom which was deployed had withdrawn and their formation totally collapsed. After checking the figures, only the knights who wore black armor was left in front of the fort. I admire the Black Knights for their courage but will also remember them as dangerous deep in my heart.

“Kakka, what should we do next?”

When he heard that, Kakka issues an order with the same smile as earlier.

“Please direct the accompanying power suit to get permission to enter the fortress”

“How should we explain about firing our main guns?”

Do we have the necessary excuse for shooting our guns to the kingdom? Are we going to push a gunboat diplomacy? Ma~a They are the one who tried to pressure us first so I think its fine if they are the one feeling the pressure instead… I waited for his answer and he opened his mouth with a smile.

“Tell them that I said ‘The ceremonial Knights were awesome, we fire our main guns as appreciation'”

I see… So he will push this as a diplomatic ritual. Apparently, Kakka has high political knowledge. While giving instructions to my subordinates─── I imagined how the young talented Major General lives in the future.


—- Adrienne Point of View —-

After the messenger returned, without asking me, Cloverence tried to stop the stupid aristocrats from mobilizing in front of the fort. He desperately said “Please do not taunt them!” but since no one have seen Noah before except for the Platinum and Black Knights, they just label us as “cowards”.

Before Noah arrive, the conflict between the knights are increasing so his Majesty thoughtlessly granted permission to expand in front of the fortress. In the fort, Cloverence came up close to me and whispered in my ear.

“If things goes bad, We will try to stop Noah. Hime-sama and his majesty should leave the fortress. There is no doubt that we cannot win… please accept this as my last will and escape to the kingdom.”

After that Cloverence was sorting out the troops that have miserable preparation, the person who is tasked with observation by using a magic tool raised his voice.

“In front of the fort, Wa~ A mountain is coming!”

Mountain? What does that mean?

As I thought so, in front of my eyes, I also saw a big object heading for the fortress. It is moving without any creature pulling it and around that thing are small iron boxes.

“What is that?”

When I said that, Auguste, who is one of the captain, explained to us with a trembling voice.

“There is an empire to the north with a weapon called ‘cannon’ that shoots round iron bullet. I have only seen it once but the iron box on this mountain is very similar to those cannons.

However, the size of that is cannot be compared to this one… Even though those cannons are powerful enough, the cannon on this one have such magnitude that I cannot even imagine how powerful it will be”

“What will happen if it is used against the knights”

“They will be obliterated in a single shot”

I should have stopped the knights even at the cost of my life. If Noah recognize the knights as an enemy instead of ceremonial people, the kingdom will perish. I change the direction of my body and attempt to call back the knights into the fort but Auguste grabbed me.

“Hime-sama! I apologize but please calm down. There are movements in that mountain”

The moment Auguste said that… Do~o~on! Do~o~on!

A sound which is a thousand times louder than thunder reverberate. My body trembles in Auguste’s arms as I hear the sound while looking at the mountain. Every time the large tone sounded, the whole mountain was wrapped in flames. The figure appeared in my eyes was like the God of Mountain, raising an angry roar toward the Knights!

“I made a mistake in judgment… What we’ve done is completely wrong”

Cassis-anesama who was mislead with words did not trust them. I also didn’t thought that Noah will prepare an overwhelming strength in coming here. It seems, Noah had no intention of having diplomatic ties since the beginning, perhaps they are prepared in starting a full invasion operation against the kingdom.

We did not received a direct attack yet. I sigh while watching the knights who are overwhelmed and are getting out of order as they withdraw inside the fort. Even so, only the order of the Black Knight has stayed in position to confront Noah. They will try to hold out for several minutes even if they are to be annihilated.

“There is something coming closer from the mountain!!”

I do not know what Noah is planning to do. I saw 10 suits which are their soldier heading towards the Black Knights. Am I going to see the knights getting slaughtered from here?

While thinking that, unlike my imagination, Noah stopped in front of the Knights. After showing the “sign of surrender” that they showed us before, they slowly made a contact with the knights.

“I wonder if they are handing out their declaration of war?”

Cassis-anesama watches the knights with a doubtful look, one of the knight began to run towards the fort. Considering the danger, we should have his Majesty stay inside the fortress. Cassis-anesama and I headed to the square. As we arrive, the knight officer starts his report.

“Reporting, Noah is seeking permission to enter the fort”

“Permission? Noah will not force their way through?”

Cassis-anesama listened to the report with doubt. I am the same, their request is not demanding for surrender nor ordering to withdraw our forces.

“Yes, they are asking for ‘permission’. Although their action earlier looks like an attack, it is not an attack. They said that it was a ceremony called ‘gun salute’ in appreciation for the job well done by our ceremonial soldiers”

Appreciation… Without a doubt, I can understand what they are trying to say. To summarize, they are trying to say “We purposely missed the previous one, so quickly allow us into the fort. If not, the next one is will be a direct attack”

Since they give us the chance to negotiate, we should grab it as soon as possible. Looking at Cassis-anesama, she seemed to have reached the same conclusion and started giving instructions to the officer.

“Permission granted, tell them ‘We will prepare tea while waiting'”

“How many people can go inside the fortress?”

Is this messenger a fool? I wonder if we really need to trust the knights in this kind of situation. Cassis-anesama responds calmly just before I was about to raise my voice.

“Tell them ‘We do not mind if you bring as many armed people as you want'”

The messenger returned to the front line to inform the rest of our instructions while making a dissatisfied face. If we do not earn back their trust, the kingdom will disappear without chance of recovery. I go back inside the fort to call his Majesty for us to welcome the people of Noah in the square with Cassis-anesama.

I have been told after half a day that the total number of people from Noah who will go inside the fort is around 200. From the center of those people, Kouki-sama get off from the devil looking armor and greet us.

“Long time no see, Adrienne-san. This is the first time I’m meeting some of you so let me reintroduce myself. My name is Kouki Arakawa, It’s a pleasure to meet you”

“The pleasure is all mine. I am King Carlos of the Holy Kingdom of Merkava”

“I am also from the kingdom, I am the 1st Princess, Cassis”

Cassis-anesama politely introduce herself, I was also surprised that even his Majesty used honorific words. His Majesty probably recognized that our survival is in crisis. They pay close attention for utmost respect. I tried to inform him “The tea is ready” after the greeting of each people ends but before I can lead them inside, Kouki-sama stopped me.

“Please wait. I’m sorry but everyone from the advance team seems to be tired. I would like my people to rest freely outside the fortress, would you allow us?”

“I do not mind, feel free to do so”

When his majesty acknowledge, Kouki-sama immediately gives instructions to the woman who was next to him. When the woman who was instructed touches her arm, the people from Noah spread fort before the fortress as if getting ready for a “siege”. Certainly… Certainly we said “feel free to do so” but we did not say that we are willing to be surrounded.

But since we gave them permission here, I cannot complain. Besides, the cannons from the mountain are firmly facing us, so we are not in a situation where we can complain unnecessarily.

After Kouki-sama is satisfied with the situation, he urged to give them guide by saying “Shall we go?”. We go inside the fort in cold sweat.

“Kouki-sama, what is that mountain like thing?”

The king asked Kouki-sama while drinking the tea that the maid made. I suggested to provide tea to his attendant and guards as well but I was politely refused.

“Mountain? Aa~a That is a battleship that runs on land. Just think of it as a moving ship that can move freely and is loaded with large artillery. I was surprised when we encounter the worm before so I bought it now because I got a bit scared. Hahahaha”

Do not Lie! How can you say you got a ‘bit scared’ when you killed a Class A monster in just a matter of seconds. The only monsters stronger than Sandworms are Dragons and Fenrir.

“By the way, the name of that one is ‘Alice’. I named it after my girlfriend. Isn’t it cool?”

“Th-That is… a perfectly elegant name for something with godly appearance! Alice-sama must be quite beautiful.”

The eyes of his Majesty is swimming in trouble of giving a reply. I cannot understand the sense of naming a weapon after your lover. If I was his lover, I will reject it with everything I got. His majesty asked several questions after that but it made me want to go back to the castle every time Kouki-sama response to those questions.

While thinking that the useless exchanges would continue, the woman standing beside Kouki-sama said something to him. After he nodded 2 or 3 times, he spoke to us with a serious expression.

“Although it is earlier than scheduled, it seems that the main unit have arrived. As soon as the person who is in charge of negotiation comes in, we would like us to start the discussion for the establishment of diplomatic relation”

It was supposed to be scheduled for tomorrow but it looks like we have to face a war without our weapons while betting the existence of the kingdom.


—-Cassis Point of View —-

While I was preparing the round table in a room in the fortress to welcome the diplomats from Noah, His Majesty, my father, spoke to me.

“Cassis, I will leave the negotiations to you. Negotiate with the goal which seems best for the kingdom. As long as the Kingdom of Merkava remains, I do not mind whatever nationwide affairs that will come after. I am counting on you”

“I understand”

Father was neither an incompetent nor a capable king. He is a mediocre king who wants his people to live in peace. However, the time has changed… we are always plagued by the attacks of the Demon Army and surrounded by countries in north and east who are growing with power.

Under such circumstances, I am encouraged that this is the cause of my father’s look which is a lot older than his actual age. We decided to make Noah at least recognize the sovereignty of our kingdom.

“Also, I would like you to talk about the Assembly of Allied Nations as well”


I have forgotten about that. I would need to have Noah promise us to attend that sore meeting. While I was desperately trying to inspire myself while getting crushed by two big responsibilities, a diplomat from Noah entered accompanied by guards at the same time the arrangement of conference room was over.

“Nice to meet you. I am Noah’s representative, Miki Arakawa.”

Arakawa! What?

Based on her appearance, she seems to be the mother of the boy named Kouki. So the Queen herself wants to do the negotiation? Then I am convinced with their unusual number of soldiers. While my father and I are surprised, the self-introduction of Noah continues.

“I am a political negotiator, Claire Dauntless”

“Also a political negotiator, my name is Ellis Dauntless”

“I am their secretary, Roberta Scarlet”

While also introducing ourselves, I look at the appearance of the four diplomats. They are wearing a military uniform with skirt which is somewhat similar to that boy was wearing. The color is not white but black. Their appearance is somewhat intimidating but the real problem is the huge bag held by the negotiator and a guard at the back. I wonder what in the world do they have in there?

Considering the difference in national strength, the kingdom decided not to carry out inspection on the belongings of Noah. We will easily be done in even if we find the weapons.

“We have one request, please do not use translation magic for Roberta. She needs to remember the language that you will use later”

“I understand”

When I excluded the woman from the scope of translation magic, the woman who is called Elise began interpreting at the same time. However, will it be easy to remember the words which is different from yours? While I was wondering, Miki starts the talk for negotiation.

“This is a map that we made, we marked the islands with red thinking that they are part of Merkava Kingdom’s territory. Are there any mistake on this one?”

“There is no mistake”

The elaborate map was as if cut off the ground and I am looking at it from the sky. Not good─── I cannot let my expression show on my face… I gave a reply while consciously thinking about my face expression, Miki starts to explained the meaning of a mark.

“This mark is the place where we set up an outpost base. In the present situation we are illegally occupying a territory of Merkava Kingdom so we would like to provide ‘compensation’ on the damages that this might have caused”

When Miki snap his fingers, the guards who were behind holding the bag open it and take out the contents. it was a huge gold block and was placed on the table while making a loud sound.

In addition, the negotiator overturned his bag on the desk and a large amount of jewelry such as diamonds, sapphire and ruby appeared from inside. From its radiance, you can tell that it has high value and purity.

“This block of gold weighs 10kg. It is the unit of measure for weight that we using. We are giving 500kg of these as reparation. If you convert it, it will be equal to 50 of this gold blocks and we are giving it to you unconditionally. If gold has no value in the kingdom, we will replace it with 500kg of other jewellery. You can choose whichever you like from these one.”

I cannot quite understand what she is thinking. Do you think that you can collect it later even if you give it to us now? While looking at Miki, she talked to me with a smile.

“I apologize for the overwhelming fighting force that we have but I do not want you to misunderstand. We do not want to impose unequal treaty with your country. There is only one thing that we want─── it is to establish diplomatic relationship on equal basis.”

“I apologize but I don’t believe it”

“I know, I can understand… Let me explain our story first. It will be a bit long but please bare with me”

So I decided to listen and was shocked when she began to speak about the history of “Noah”

“Noah”─── seems to be originally similar to a guild rather than a country. Moreover, it was a surprise that Noah came to this world from another world. In the world where Noah lived, the war all over the world ended 150 years ago and it is generally a world with a peaceful states. 15 years ago, a child was born in that world.

The name of the child is “Kouki Arakawa”. It is the boy who was wearing that white military uniform and he showed an abnormal level of intelligence at a young age. At 3 years old, he completed a theory of sophisticated magic formula that surprised even his mother. The development of that world accelerated for more than 50 years using only the power of that child’s mind.

The world that should have received such a tremendous benefit see Kouki as dangerous, as if controlling the world at his palm. Although he himself is a kind hearted boy who loves nature and animals, the whole world called him “Child of the devil” and tried to oppressed him. However, some good adults who decided to return the benefits that they received stands up and protected him but they know that a direct war would pain his heart and is not a possible option.

Then… they thought,  isn’t okay to escape from the world that hates him? They seriously considered such fairy tale like things and put it into practice. The people who cherish him gathered and while searching for a different world,  they succeeded in finding a destination for migration. It seems that this is the world that they found. The story is too spectacular and has no sense of reality but base on the weapons and clothes that Noah uses, they are probably telling the truth.

“Then, you really are seeking for diplomatic relations on equal basis?”

“Yes but there is one thing that you should remember. It is about my son, Kouki. Please never ‘unnecessarily provoke’ him. It is embarrassing as a mother to say this but my son have problems with ethics, this is the cause of that world’s oppression.

That… It is very difficult to say but it is possible for my son to destroy a country like the Kingdom of Merkava in just half a day. Although there has been improvement due to his recent ethic education, I still hope for your cooperation.”

I want to correct the people from Noah. It seems that about 30% of the reason why they cannot stay on the previous world is because of Kouki’s action itself but I cannot say it. I thought for a moment about such things and re-examined the situation. I resumed the discussion to exchange a formal treaty with Noah.





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    1. Yes. That’s what I know as well, so I don’t get why they are addressing Kouki as Kakka.

      In LN, they change Kakka to ‘Major General’ so I thought Kakka might be used by Military as well.


    2. I thought that too, since there are some novels that still retain “kakka” in their translation and the subject is or was a civilian with high position. But i’ve read some other works that uses “kakka” to an Admiral.

      And ‘Major General’ is kinda weird since they uses navy terms like Admiral, and they are on land, but in a battleship…. *brain fried*

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