KT50: The First Step of Three People

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The chapter below is fake. The novel below is written by me and my friends. Read it if you like, ignore it otherwise. Oh and just FYI, I am the one who wrote the chapter below. I hope people who reads it like it.

Chapter 8

“Ma~ Ma~ Ma~ Long time no see, Vine and Ver. Heroes, welcome to the city but too bad you will die here in this cave. This is the will of Yggdrasil, do not think badly of me” (????)

A macho guy appeared from nowhere holding a gigantic axe and was speaking to us. He was half naked with a metal plate on the left part of his chest and tattered pants for his lower body. His hair was ragged and he looks like a rock star singer from the 90s.

“Who are you?” (Takeo)

“Who I am? Ha! Listen heroes! I am Duskarobidiada Leonesol, one of the 5 pillars of Yggdrasil.” (Duskarobidiada)

“Duster libido?” (Henko)

“Duskarobidiada! Dus-ka-ro-bi-dia-da! If you are going to say my name, atleast say it correctly” (Duskarobidiada)

“What a weird name, it’s so hard to pronounce. Can we just call you Duster-san? It is somewhat similar to your hair so I guess it’s a good nickname” (Takeo)

“I don’t know what you are talking about but I know that you are making fun of me! Then, Dusk is fine… no need to give me weird name” (Dusk)

“I see, then nice to meet you Dusk-san” (Takeo)

“Same here, nice to meet you… … … Geh! I’m not here to make friends with you!” (Dusk)

Dusk hit the floor with his axe and the floor exploded as it was. The force was powerful enough to send shockwave. Rock scatter around and dust spread out, we are trying to keep ourselves to have our feet stays on the ground. I fear to think what will happen if that strike hit a person.

“What is going on?” (Henko)

Henko was worried and seek answer from Vine-san. Vine-san look at us with confused expression and shake her head left and right to the question. Looks like she doesn’t have an idea on what is going on. That means, we can only know what is happening from the macho duster guy. Jotaro must be thinking the same thing since he is looking at me with conviction on his eyes, he nod and stand close to Dusk-san.

“Why are you here? Did you come to welcome us on our arrival?” (Jotaro)

“Like I’ve said, I am here to kill you all! Get ready!” (Dusk)

“Wh– Whoah!” (Jotaro)

Jotaro was about to ask “Why” but before he could, Dusk san get close to him and tried to slash him into two. Jotaro evade the attack by jumping back. He was fast, there was quite a distance between them but Dusk-san was able to get close to him in less than a second. How can that big body move so quickly?

“I am not here to talk, I will not be swayed anymore! I will kill you all!” (Dusk)

Dusk-san kick the ground and run towards Jotaro. This is bad, Jotaro is not in a position where he cannot evade. He is in danger. That’s right! This is a fantasy world, this is a different world. This is a world where magic and skill exist however this world does not follow the laws of my world. Looks like in this world, you can be killed if they want to kill you. You can kill someone if you want to kill them. There are no police officers that you can call to help you. There are no police stations for you to run. There are no government officials that withhold peace. That also means, there are no hospitals or ambulance that can save your life. In this world, only your can protect yourself.

Jotaro is a friend. I might not like his face but I still consider him as a friend. Unlike any other Ikemen that I know of, Jotaro is not arrogant. I don’t want him to die. We need to go back to our world together. This thought flashes on my mind as I look at Jotaro.

“JOTARO!!” (Takeo and Henko)

I cannot do anything, I am too far. All I can do is shout his name. Henko also shouts. We cannot do anything but watch. Veruci was running towards Jotaro but I doubt he can reach him in time.

“DIE!” (Dusk)

Dusk-san swings his axe and an explosion occurred. Jotaro flew into the wall and a large dust builds up on his and Dusk-san location. Veruci stop on his track and looks at the location where Jotaro was thrown off.

“Nooo!” (Henko)

Henko shout with tears on her eyes and we ran into his location. Vine-san and Veruci also approach Jotaro’s location.

“Hmm.. That was pretty easy, I was expecting for things to be a bit tougher since I am fighting against a hero. I guess even heroes cannot stand against my Exploding Axe, Explodia” (Dusk)

Dusk was saying something but we pay his words no mind. We were worried on Jotaro. While being on guard against Dusk-san, we tried to check Jotaro’s condition.

“*cough* *cough* that hurts” (Jotaro)

“Jotaro! You’re alive!” (Takeo)

I was afraid for the worst but looks like he only have bruises all over his body. Thank god he did not die, but why is he alive? I thought for sure that he was slashed to death.

“Oh divine wind that carries my will, close his wounds and restore his energy. Heal!” (Vine)

Vine-san cast a healing spell to Jotaro.  Jotaro stands up and after opening and closing his hands, he looks at Vine-san in amazement.

“Amazing, the pain go away” (Jotaro)

“This is a healing spell, pass down in my family. I am glad that you are okay” (Vine)

“Thanks” (Jotaro)

Vine-san explains what she did and made a relief smile. Jotaro thanked her, Henko and I also thanked Vine-san. While we were relief on Jotaro’s condition, Dusk-san began to raise his voice.

“How could this be? I use the full force of my explosion to smash you into the wall. How can you still be alive? Did I make a mistake? Did I underestimate you? No, that can’t be. I’m sure I use all of my strength in that swing” (Dusk)

Dusk-san began to mumble by himself. If Dusk-san slashed him into two with his axe then he could have died but since Jotaro was just thrown away, he survived. However, the way he smashed into the wall was still of great force. I wonder if I our body also improved when we were transferred into this world, allowing us to survive such powerful strikes. Henko began to walk towards Dusk-san.

“I’m pissed. I’m seriously angry. Hey Dusk! Take responsibility!” (Henko)

She was seriously angry. I’d like to stop her because it’s dangerous but I am also afraid of Henko when she is like this. Really Henko, you could get yourself killed. I was praying for Henko’s safety in my mind.

“Ha? What the heck are you saying? No matter. I will not make the same mistake. I will make sure to kill you” (Dusk)

“If you really think you can, come. I’ll play with you” (Henko)

What the heck?! Henko is saying something that you can hear a lot in animes! So cool!

“Here I come!” (Dusk)

Dusk-san started to run with Axe on his hands. He raises the axe to his right for a swing. Looks like he tried to swing the axe with all his strength however, Henko step close into him closing their distance.

“Wha?” (Dusk)

“She did not try to evade?” (Veruci)

Just like Veruci said, they expect Henko to evade however instead of evading Henko got closer to the axe wielder instead. Dusk swing his axe in a panic. Henko who is already close saw that coming and using her left hand she block the arm of Dusk-san which has the force of the swing.

“What!?” (Dusk)

After blocking the swing, Henko lock his arm into her armpit. She then slap the left cheek of Dusk-san, pushed him into the air and forcefully spinning him, making him fall to the ground face up. Since Dusk-san used all his strength in swinging the axe, by using Henko’s hand to change the direction of his head while still holding on his left arm, it cause the direction of his running power to lift him into the air with the help of Henko’s powerful slap.

Dusk-san was down in the ground and since Henko is still holding his arm while on his awkward position, he cannot do anything.

“What? What happened?” (Dusk)

Dusk-san had no idea on what happened. Even though he is still holding his weapon, there is little he can do. Since he is down in awkward position, he cannot use his strength and even if he tried to force it.

“Ow ow ow ow. ouch! What the heck!?” (Dusk)

He will only hurt himself. Since Henko is still holding his arm. If he tried to force it, Henko just need to position herself and it will hurt the person trying to get up.

“Ah~ Beautiful! What an elegant way to grasp victory. As expected of Henko-sama” (Veruci)

What is so elegant in slapping your enemy forcing them to spin in the air and drop them down to the floor?

“Why did you try to kill us? Speak!” (Henko)

Henko ignored Veruci and began to question Dusk-san.

“Hmph! I will never yield to someone lik── ah! ow! ow! ow! I will talk! I will talk! stop!” (Dusk)

Henko put force into his arm and Dusk-san writhe in pain.

“It was because of the Basil’s King, Raymond-sama” (Dusk)

Everyone was surprised. The king is trying to get us killed? Come to think of it… something is bothering me earlier, I guess this is what it was. There are two points, the first is that the elves knowing that heroes are summoned. We were summoned yesterday and not 24 hours has passed and an elf magistrate arrived to invite us into this city. We were summoned in evening, and the elf magistrate arrived in the morning. The king doesn’t have enough time to make a public announcement so only few people should know that we were summoned into this world. The seconds is the arrival of Dusk-san. When he arrived, he immediately knows that we were heroes. Even if this is the first time that we met, he shouldn’t know that we are not from this world or the fact that we were branded as heroes. All of this are starting to get complicated, looks like we need to hear more about this from Dusk-san.



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