KT66: Return

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As always Chapter below is fake. The novel below is written by me and my friends. Read it if you like, ignore it otherwise. Just take note that this novel is written without any prior planning, it was written as a game where one writes and the next person continue what was left behind.



Chapter 22
“The Mountain Dojo”


After the battle, Lime-san rented a private room and together with her and Henko we go inside that room. I thought it will be like a hotel, but it seems it is just a normal room to hold conversation. I mean, you can’t blame me. I’m a man and these two ladies are gorgeous. I know that kind of thing will not happen but I still cannot stop my self from expecting a little bit about it. I seat down on the sofa while wiping the sweat on my face with the towel given to me by the old man receptionist. I look around and looks like there is a bathroom at the corner, the window is big enough for wind to enter so the room is cool and refreshing. While I was staring outside the window, Lime-san called out to me.

“Make yourself at home, I will take a quick bath then we will talk”

After saying that, she head for the bathroom. I watch her back until she close the bathroom door.

“Do you want to peek at her?”

“H-Hhaaa!? W-what are you saying!?”

I was surprised by Henko’s remark. With a mischievous smile, she answered back.

“You are staring at her till the last minute she enters the bathroom, so I thought you fall for her. She was also strong, beautiful and smart. Her attitude is okay too and──”

“W-wait a minute! I am not thinking any of that when I was looking at her. Also, she is not my type”

“Eehh?! But the way you look at her?”

“Listen… I was looking at her because I was surprised by her sword style earlier”

“Tche─ Thought I finally got a dirt on you”

“Do you plan to blackmail me?!”

I also don’t want you, of all people, to think that I fall in love with someone else.

“So, did you find out anything? When I was watching earlier, I was surprised that Nakenjutsu is also existing in this world”



I was surprised by what she said and Henko was surprised that I was surprised. We both tilt our head.

“What do you mean by Nakenjutsu is also existing in this world?”

“I mean she is using Nakenjutsu, so isn’t it natural to think that the sword style exist here?”

“No- no- no, She is the only one in this world who knows Nakenjutsu”

“Eh?! Really? Did she tell you that? Who teach her?”

“Eh.. no, she did not tell me. I just assumed is all. I don’t know who teach her but that’s what I’d like to know. Now that you mention it, why did I assume that she is the only one in this world who knows Nakenjutsu?”

“Ma~ your brain is weird so you should not think too much about it”

“What do you mean by that?!”

While we are doing that silly exchange, I noticed that the door slightly open and there are a couple of guys peeking inside the room. No, they are looking at the bathroom. I get close to the door and open it. 5 guys fell down on top of each other since they were leaning on the door when I open it.

“What are you guys doing? Is there anything you need?”

When I ask that, they immediately stand up and said…

“Just because you won, doesn’t mean you got her! Remember this!”

…and they run away after saying that. What a bunch of weirdos.

Few minutes later, Lime-san came out of the bathroom wearing a bathrobe. She was so sexy─ I mean, she looks refreshed. Henko made some tea and place it in the table.

While drinking tea, we sat down on the sofa and started to discuss what I want to know.

“Who teach you Nakenjutsu? Are you the only one who knows that sword style?”

“I don’t know if I’m the only one but as for where I learn it, I study at a place which was called a ‘Dojo'”


Henko and I was in sync. To think there is a dojo of Nakenjutsu in this world, I want to see it with my own eyes.

“Where is it? I want to go there!!”

“Calm down, I will tell you so don’t shout. When I was still a nobody and a girl who only knows how to swing a sword, I was a travelling swordsman who lost confidence in herself. I was climbing a mountain southeast from here. During that time, all I have in mind is to become stronger and I heard that people trains in the mountain to achieve it. While I was climbing, I found an unusual building. It is not like anything that I’ve seen before. When I peek inside, there was an old man practicing a weird sword style. Yes, he was practicing Nakenjutsu. When he noticed me, he let me in and asked me to fight him. Of course I lost to him but after that few exchange I decided to ask him in teaching me on how to use a sword”

“…and he teach you Nakenjutsu just like that?”

“Yes. I trained with him for a month. Of course, I stayed in the dojo. Master said that there are enough rooms and it will be a hasle to go down and climb up everyday.”

“You study Nakenjutsu for only a month?”

“Yes. Master said I had the talent. He teach me everything but he said that all of this are just sword techniques. He said that I should find a way to improve on my own once I learned everything”

“Well, that is true. Many sword styles have different varieties because it changes depending on the person who uses it. That’s why there are people with the same sword style but with moves that are noticeably different”

“After a month, Master gave me this sword. He told me to stop practicing Nakenjutsu using the wooden sword and sheath and start to get to use with this sword. I was surprised by how far my sword skill goes. I was curious to know how strong I have become. I left the dojo. Since I regain a bit of my confidence and since I need to know how powerful I become I go to different countries and towns in search of stronger opponents. The sword style that I learned is unusual that’s why I won in each and every fight”

“So you left the dojo without saying anything?”

“Yes. I don’t know why but during that time, I thought master will not allow me if I ask for permission. So I travel around the world for 4 months testing my strength here and there. When I finally calm down, I decided to return to the dojo but… when I get back, the dojo is gone. The building is nowhere to be found, it was as if it was not there in the first place. I was searching for the dojo ever since. So in a sense, my training in Nakenjutsu is incomplete”

“Is that so… hm? I thought you are looking for [Altar of Creation]? At least, that’s what I heard.”

“Ah, yes. I’m also looking for the [Altar of Creation]. According to Lilo-ojisan, the Altar of Creation and the Dojo might be related somehow”

I see.. That’s why he is looking for the Altar of Creation. So her real goal is the Dojo, it just so happened that they might be related… but wait.. Lilo-ojisan?

“Lilo-ojisan?… Lilo?… Lilo-sensei?!”

“Eh? Are you a fan of my grandfather?”

“EEhhh?! Lilo-sensei is your grandfather?”

What an unexpected situation. To think that Jotaro had to travel to meet his grandfather but a relative of him was under our noses this whole time.

“Where is he now? To tell you the truth, a friend of mine is travelling to the Village of Susu right now to search for him”

“Is that so? However, I’m sorry. He will not be able to meet grandfather”

“Why? Is he in this town?”

“No, that’s because… Lilo-ojisan died 6 months ago”





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