KT67: Hakone Base after a long time

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Hey guys! Had free time to translate 1 Chapter and I glad that I did. I enjoy this chapter. Thanks for being patient with me. We have 8 raw chapters left to translate, I can see the end of the tunnel. Enjoy!




No original story. We ran out of chapters. I am in charge of writing next but I don’t have the time to finish the chapter. So nothing to read for now. Ignore the text below. It is an RPG game that I was developing alone using RPG Maker but I’m not even sure if I will be able to finish it. Its been on the shelves for more than 5 months.



“Luminear Wars”

The world is filled with spirits giving its blessing to its habitat. Humans blessed by Fire, Water, Wind and Earth live peacefully for so many years. Some people worship the spirits as to show gratitude for their never ending blessing.

Two Hundred Fifty years ago, humanity made a grave mistake and that mistake destroyed 87% of the world. Humanity was driven to extinction. The King of the Spirits, Oberon, showed himself and made a proposal to all humanity. “We can save this world but in return, we will stop providing you our blessings. Once the world is restored, you will need to survive on your own”. Humans heard this mystical voice and most of them agree on this proposal. The world is almost at its end and they have no choice but to comply. That was the first and last time they saw Oberon.

The world was cleansed but there are side effects, most creatures mutate into monsters. Due to Oberon’s cleansing, most monsters can not survive on its own. To survive, these monsters merge into one entity fooling people of their numbers. They are called “DUMI”, an entity of group of monsters. However, there are some monsters who can wander alone, they are much stronger and of vast minority. They are called “BASURA”.

After few years, humanity learned that there are female humans who are still blessed by the spirits. They can control their spirit blessings, allowing them to cast high level magic that can easily purify the DUMIs and BASURAs. The girls are later on called “LUMINEARS”.

Ever since they learned of this, different countries started gathering as many Luminear as they can. The Alicabuk Empire, The Punas Kingdom and The Republic of Pagpag fight against each other for superiority. They used the Luminears to cleanse their country of dumis.

Vanteil, the protagonist of the story wants to change the world and above all, protect her childhood friend, Nevah (who is the only Luminear of Light in this world). The three countries started chasing Nevah and Vanteil is the only one capable of protecting her.




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