KT74: Sandra Zelenskaya

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TN: I’ll be posting chapters like this for now until I have the time to sort everything out (IRL). I’ll let the bots get this chapter or whatever, don’t really care at this point but once we hit the latest in RAWS. I’ll go back again in filtering chapters again.

By the way, 博士 can be read as Professor(Hakase) and Doctor(also Hakase and written with the same kanji). Sandra is called a doctor because she had PhD in Quantum Physics (check chapter 57 if you forgot about it) but turns out people around her are calling her Hakase as a Professor instead of a doctor base on how the sentence structure is but I might be wrong so keep that in mind.

Also, this is the last chapter the author wrote before sensei went hiatus due to medical reason. This was posted 03/17/2017. I believe I mentioned in the comment section before that the last chapter is 75 but I was wrong again, should be chapter 74. My counting was wrong, teehee! Anyway, this is not the last chapter. There are 5 new chapters in 2019 (as of this writing), so we are still far (yet near) from over.

** Update 08/28/2019 -Fixed loose to lose


—- Sandra Zelenskaya Point of View —-

In front of me is a screen that shows the image taken from the small cameras mixed on the jamming missiles that we just dropped. It was unexpected that Noah will have such flying creatures. Most probably, the report of the submarine that almost sunk earlier in our defense line is due to the use of similar creatures.

“What are those creatures?”

Darya who was uneasy since the beginning of battle muttered to herself.

“Dragon… an imaginary creature from old myths. Ma~ it exist in front of us right now”

“Did Noah developed them?”

“Who knows? I think Miki who cares about human life does not have the guts to experiment on the living, its highly likely done by Kouki. According to the report of our ‘Stalker’ who infiltrated Noah, those creatures are kind to humans. Which means… those creatures existed since the beginning and was not man-made (TN: No, its not ‘spy’ author really used ‘stalker’ written in Katakana in this sentence. Also I personally added ‘and was not man-made’ just to make some sense on the sentence)

“What do you mean?”

“Different world, parallel world(isekai),  another world(bessekai), there are many ways to call it but I think those creatures came from a different world from ours. Didn’t they research Arakawa Particles before? I thought that they are only successful in going to the other world but to think they have reached the level where they can freely come and go to another world. For now, we should give up fighting in the sea. We will defeat them by sending all our troops on their landing units”


Truth be told, this strategy is risky. The Antarctic Fortress itself will not lose but if our morale went down, we may not win. If we receive damage beyond the allowable range, our future plans will have trouble. Also, we can use our weapon of mass destruction… No, that’s not good. If we use it right now, we will not be able to control United States.

“…………… I wonder if I should use the troops that I borrowed from EU”

We can have EU forces to attack the landing squad of the enemy. Then we will have all of our senior officers in underground facility, that way we can use our biological weapon. EU will surely complain but they won’t be able to do anything about it since they still need to buy our medicines. What’s important is to protect my own people.

“Darya, have all of our senior officer stay in the underground facility. Although I feel bad about it, the EU and mercenaries that we hire should be enough in attacking the landing squad of the enemy. When our defense units are defeated, we will use our biological weapon”


“Also, the contact person that we have in United States… he is the Lieutenant General of the army right? If I remember correctly, his name is Oliver. I want to speak with Lt. General Oliver”


Good grief, I’m giving them a lot of money so they should help me. I light up a cigarette while sitting on a chair, the grumpy Lt. General Oliver soon appeared on the screen of the terminal.

“What is the code? Although we are in an encrypted line, it will still be a problem if you can contact me anytime”

“Long time no see, how are you?”

“Didn’t you hear me? What is the code?”

“Ma~ what a bother. The code is the attack satellite managed by your engineering department. ‘Peacemaker’. Please lend it to me”

“Wha?” (TN: Word was incomplete)

“You did not hear me? The ‘Peacemaker’, I want you to lend it to me”

The Lt. General had eyes wide open while his face is turning red from anger. This is why I don’t like military personnel. I’m sure he will shout ‘What the hell are you planning?’ next.

“What the hell are you planning!?”


What else do you think I’m thinking in our current situation? Or was it so incomprehensible that you need me to express my thoughts each and every time?

“D-do you know what you are── “

“I know. Listen very well General, if we lose here your relationship with us is will be made public. If that happens you will be in trouble right? That is why, in order to achieve victory we are requesting your cooperation. I am not asking you to personally use the satellite to attack Lt. General. I only want you not to use the emergency termination code for a few minutes when we hack into it and launch the attack”

“In that case, that might be okay however── “

“Thank you for your cooperation. If the emergency termination code is immediately entered when we try using it, we will have our current conversation published to the whole world. Have a nice day”

“Wa-wait a minute! Professor! Prof──”

After the tediously loud communication with him I asked the staff who was watching the whole conversation to start hacking into the satellite. An attack satellite that uses 5 ton of uranium to fuel heavy rockets to destroy any target within the planet, the ‘Peacemaker’.  It should cause tremendous damage against that insanely large ship which seems to be the flagship of Noah. However, according to my calculation, the Peacemaker is not as powerful as the United States claim it to be, even so it should be enough against that ship. (TN: In reference to LGM-118 Peacekeeper also known as MX Missile. Click link for more details)

“Code analysis complete”

“The target is Noah’s flagship. As soon as you lock on target, launch the attack”

“Roger… Launching attack”

As expected, conversation with my people is more efficient. I want Lt. General Oliver to follow her example. Now then, how much damage they will take? It would be nice if they get destroyed.

“Impact in 3, 2, 1, now”

At the moment of bombardment, I became speechless… A thin purple dome was formed to cover the entire flagship, it prevents the attack from Peacemaker and came out unscathed.

“High output energy barrier!? You’re kidding me? That was 12,000kg of Uranium Rocket with a speed of mach 9.5! Just how much energy did they use!? Quickly with the next shot, they shouldn’t be able to use that twice”

“Roger, launching”

I lean over as I stare to the screen. Don’t play with me, I did not expect them to be able to use such high energy barrier. For them to be able to deploy such thing in actual battle, just how advance is Noah’s technical capability?

“Launching attack in 3, 2, 1, now. We got disconnected from the satellite line, it is impossible to attack again after this”

“You’re kidding me, they use it again!?”

The screen shows the same scene as before. Using the same attack would be useless. The line was cut off anyway so I have to think of another way… Anyway, what kind of magic did they use to gather that much of energy output. If we remove common sense, its high likely that they really have magic from the other world? We should scan Noah’s fleet with our reconnaissance satellite. If the measuring device had an error, this will prove that my thinking is correct. However that’s interesting, a hybrid of magic and science but the use of the unknowns, you are not the only one capable of it── 


Author Notes: This the first appearance of Sandra. My initial plan was for her to come out together with Kouki’s Point of View. Even though the chapter was shorten as a result of this writting, let us commemorate her first appearance. I really want her to meet Miki.

Let’s just hope Kouki do his best when they land! (It may take long. Like the previous chapters, it may reach around 10,000 characters. I apologize (´・ω・`) 

TN: Had a sneak peak on the next chapter, it is not as long as before but it is definitely longer than the recent chapters.







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  2. The Antarctic Fortress itself will not loose
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