Announcement (08/28/2019)



Sorry guys! I know its been a while since I post the last chapter. I’m still busy and taking care of some personal stuff… Its family stuff that I can’t disclose the detail but I’m still so busy that I don’t have time to translate. I just go to sleep on my free time cause I’m too tired.

Anyway, I will still not be able to post anytime soon. I already translated half of the next chapter but don’t have time to continue yet… once I have the time I plan to post couple of chapters in one go but not sure when. I’m hoping I can start translating again late September but I still don’t know what will happen so I cannot guarantee. Anyway, I’m still alive and just want to apologize to anyone waiting for the series.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

PS: I started translating KT because no one is  translating it, if someone wants to pick it up because they can’t wait, feel free… at least before I come back. If someone is already translating KT when I come back, I will continue God’s Breathing instead.




11 thoughts on “Announcement (08/28/2019)

  1. It’s bad half-year for us, are you alright there?, I hope so, don’t force yourself, because there’s some people waiting you for comeback 🙂

    Id you read this, can you give announcement so we know you doing fine 🙂

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  2. don’t push yourself too hard, it sad when the series is long update, but it’s more sad if you drop because you too tired…well,i hope you’ll get your free time sooner…and thanks for announcement…


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