Using My God Skill “Breathing” to Level Up,
I Will Challenge the Dungeon of the Gods


The story follows Lana, who lives in a country where every person is granted a skill by the queen on their 15th birthday. Lana is given the skill “Breathing” (Kokyū), a skill he has never heard of, but he has always dreamed of diving into a dungeon as an adventurer.

The skill is basically a joke and initially seems to only do what it sounds like: allow Lana to breathe. Initially he plans to give up his dream, but then decides to challenge the dungeon anyway in order to rescue his sister, who is currently asleep under a witch’s curse. Lana has one year to reach the bottom level of the dungeon where the cure lies.

Lana is determined to reach the bottom even without the benefit of a skill, but what he doesn’t know is that he actually was gifted the strongest skill “Kami Kokyū” (God Breathing).

Raw Website:

I am translating the web novel version. I am not 100% proficient in Japanese. I am translating this novel for personal use. I am not translating this for you guys. If you don’t want what you see then don’t read. You can wait for people who do better translation on translating this novel.

I only plan on translating this once I am done with Kanchigai Tensai, my schedule is too tight to translate two series at the same time so if someone started translating it before I do, I will remove this page. I just want to show my interest in translating this series.


Volume 1: Thief


Volume 2: Warrior

  • Chapter 11: Level 1 Fighter
  • Chapter 12: Starter Hunting 1
  • Chapter 13: Starter Hunting 2
  • Chapter 14: Starter Hunting 3
  • Chapter 15: Shopping Date
  • Chapter 16: Status Itinerant
  • Episode 17: War Skill
  • Episode 18: At the Fountain of Recovery
  • Episode 19: The Living Daimyo in the Guild Library
  • Episode 20: Capital Breathing Method “kokukiyukyuu”
  • Episode 21: Veteran Blacksmith Apprentice • Elena
  • Episode 22: Contemplative Relationship
  • Episode 23: Episodes that support Mind
  • Episode 24: Four Brothers “Rodriguez”
  • Episode 25: Trapping Technique
  • Episode 26: Beginner Wall – Fifth Layer
  • Episode 27: Buddhist and Clown
  • Episode 28: Cause of Frustration
  • Episode 29: Martina-san’s Circumstances
  • Episode 30: Party Formation