KT66: Return


Author Notes: Speaking of which, I did not do any misunderstanding in the story recently… I have to do it next time somehow (Sense of Duty)


—- Arakawa Kouki Point of View —-

I suddenly woke up. When I confirm the time on the clock, it was 05:18. Even though I woke up, I keep my head lying on the cot for a while, the man who was sleeping next to my bed called out to me.

“Volga, are you awake? Actually, I’m surprised you already woke up. Even though you didn’t sleep for the last 3 days, you only spent 5 hours sleeping”

“It’s because I’m hungry… and I also have a lot to do today”

“Well that’s true, let’s go eat our meal then get our uniforms”

After the guy said that, he get up from the bed and put on his boots. Now that I think about it, I believe this person told me his name? I think he told me before going to bed but I cannot remember. It was, Johan… No, that’s wrong. That’s it!! It was Joseph-san! He introduced himself as Joseph from the Heavy Weapon Squad.

“Joseph-san, is the evacuation of all nearby civilians finished?”

“Yes, everyone left within the 50 kilometer area last night. However, is it really true?”

“Yes, I’m thinking about Claire-san and the Rescue Team. There is no mistake about it.”

Joseph-san had a face that shows he heard something unbelievable while stroking his beard. After that, we both silently walk along the narrow hallway and arrived at the dining area. I receive a meal from a person who is on cooking duty. I sit in a vacant chair and started eating.

“Oh that’s right. I heard that you will receive a uniform for Major Generals”

“Ehh, but I have not received any proper training nor education, I might cause problems. The rank of Special Major General was just given to me by Noah”

“Haha, if that’s the case then we also did not receive any proper training. Since we are trained for Nuclear War despite this day and age?”

In my words, Joseph-san laughed it off. I do think that it is amazing in its own way though… The forces of macho were only trained on dealing against Tactical Nuclear Weapons used by terrorists. Meanwhile, Joseph-san and the others are trained for an all-out nuclear war including the use of strategic nuclear weapons. That’s the reason why “we are here right now”.

“Anyway, I really feel sorry to you all. I proudly left home and go to Russia on my own but I found myself sneaking around the enemy while being scared”

“Don’t worry about it. Did you see our uniform from the National Security Unit? I was… really happy. I did not expect to wear such a proper uniform”

I see, Joseph-san and the others never wore uniforms before. Being a secret unit sounds cool but for the people at the top, they must have been treating them as units that they can throw anytime on battles with unknown outcome.

“Yoshi! I’m done eating my meal so I will go get my uniform. You go show your face to the Captain”


Joseph-san said that with a cheerful voice and left. He must be trying to change the gloomy atmosphere. For while, I look at his back as he go away. I then stand from my seat and head to the place where the Captain is. Along the way, I came across with Claire-san who is already wearing the new uniform.

“Good morning Claire-san”

“Good morning. Operation will start in 15 minutes as planned. I will contact Hakone Base”

“Understood. The success or failure of this operation depends on our Intelligence Officer, which is Claire-san. I am counting on you”

“You can leave it to me”

I was able to feel a little relieved when I saw Claire-san’s confident smile. When we arrive at our desired destination, I saw the Captain issuing instruction with unlit cigar on her mouth. As usual, this person is too energetic… I wonder if she ever gets tired?

“Good morning, Captain”

“Good morning. All preparations are complete. It took some time but we can now intercept all communication from Hakone Base”

“Even communication with AAA security?”

“Yes, Colonel Claire hacked into Noah’s main computer to give us full control for a short time or at least until they change the communication frequency”

It’s better to start now if that’s the case, if we took time it is possible for Ellis-san to think of the same thing and change the communication frequency. If that happens, everything that we did will pop like water bubbles. (TN: Raw was ‘Everything that we did are water bubbles’ which means all they did will be all for nothing.)

“I understand. Well then, it’s a bit early but let’s start the operation. Please send a message to Noah”

On my command, the Captain and her subordinates started to move at once. We will let the Security Department know that I am safe, everything will start from there.

“Communication sent”

“The traffic on Noah’s network is increasing”

Claire-san analyzes the data by connecting her terminal to one of the computers. One minute has passed since we informed them about my safety, they are about to contact macho’s rapid response team… Next, I think they will contact the Technical Department where mom is. Let’s see what will happen.

“We confirmed a AAA-class communication. It seemed to be addressed to Arakawa Miki”

Fumu, they were able to get in touch with mom in just two minutes, that was pretty fast. Next is the reply from mom… after that, there should be emergency notification to all departments.

“I found it! It is not following the communication protocol. This is… you must be joking”

“What’s wrong?”

“Kouki-kun and Captain’s intuition is correct. Someone in Noah is leaking information to New World. They are using A-class communication and the spy is within the Security Department”

No wonder they know our every move but I did not expect that there is a spy in the security department. However, how did they infiltrate? We should have detect the spy when we use the device from the moon ruin to detect their surface thoughts. Ma~ let’s leave the rest to macho.

“Claire-san, please contact dad and tell him to lock down the Security Department. The only personnel allowed to carry weapons in Noah are the Security Department and Military department, which means Alice, mom and the others are in danger”

“Roger that”

Now then, since the spy sent a communication I wonder what will happen to Chelyabinsk Base… I asked one of the staff to show a video feed of the base by using the reconnaissance satellite. Few moments later, the tanks which are placed to protect the base were covered by flash of lights.

“Where did it came from?”

“It was an attack from an air force unit stationed 120 kilometers east”

“They did well. Although, there is no one in there”

“I agree, but this proves that there are no spies within us and the National Security Unit”

The base is being attacked fiercely during our carefree conversation. If I was there, I’m sure I’m dead… Claire-san called out to me while I was thinking about such thing.

“Kouki-kun, we will soon reach the defensive line of Academy City. The patrolling anti-submarine defense was strengthened due to the previous raid of New World so if we don’t surface soon it is possible for them to sink us”

“I understand. Then Captain, I leave the command to you. This is the best sarcasm for new world who loves to use submarines. Let’s finish this in a very cool way”

The Captain look at me for a while, wore her new Russian Navy Coat, grabbed the microphone and issue a command on board.

“Everyone, prepare for an emergency ascend! We are now surfacing within the Japanese territorial waters near Academy City. After we surface, we will be escorted by the Maritime Self-Defense Force. Do not forget that we will be given asylum by Noah as heroes who rescue and delivered Arakawa”

I know. Even if you are detained by the Japanese Government, I will make sure to recover all of you. I do not intend to send the Captain and the others back to Russia nor give them to the Japanese Government. In that kind of situation, they were able to bring me back so I’m sure no one will complain.

Even so, it felt like that I was gone from Japan in a very long time even though it was only 4 days. When I get home, I will be busy listening to my mom’s lecture but maybe mom would let me eat first and take a bath.



Author Notes: Spy, Kouki was really able to return to base and pull out the tail of his enemy. 

This is base on 0(zero)-sama’s comment. A setting with spies. (`・ω・´)
I hope you noticed.

Well then, now that Kouki is back home it is now time for their counter attack! Please look forward on the next one!!




11 thoughts on “KT66: Return

  1. This reminded me of the first few chapters of this novel. iirc, there’s the author note that said something about writing it without any plot but it gradually has plots


  2. Eeee wait, so the Noah has spy inside?

    Oh bois, they don’t realize they’re messing with someone who has big influence amongst otherworlders, including the demon race and dragon race.

    This ain’t gonna end well, I hope~

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