KT68: Multi-Race Alliance, again

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—- Shuichi Point of View —-
(TN: For some reason, Author got tired of typing the full name lol)

I was watching my men on the 5th Training Ground from the observation tower here in G-88. The attacking side is having an overwhelming disadvantage because of the terrain, as expected the units are having difficulty getting in touch with each other.

“Squad B! Move forward! Squad C behind your ass is starting to get jammed”

I grabbed the radio and yelled at Squad B however they were unable to move forward because they were receiving fierce suppression fire from hidden enemy ahead of them. Squad A who is trying to make a flank attack is also held back by a small number of enemy powersuits who attack them from the side as well.

“Commander, we receive weather report from the carrier Siren who are patrolling off the coast. Visibility will drop rapidly due to low air pressure. It will be difficult to dispatch further ground units or provide landing support…”

We confirm the weather radar with Ellis’ report, there are no more landing point available. About 600 soldiers have been able to land 4 hours since the beginning of the operation. We have limited landing ship. They have to withdraw here and bet on the second landing operation.

“End of Training. Let’s assume that half of the attacking unit who landed are killed in action while withdrawing. Inform each unit to reorganize their troops accordingly”

“Roger that”

When I announce the end of training through the radio, the strong snowstorm rapidly stopped and the rays of the sun started to illuminate from the sky. It is hard to believe that when 200 high-ranking mages of Ursna Empire are together, they can change the weather to some extent within 50km radius. I am grateful however, because of this we can train for an invasion operation in Antarctica.

“Captain, I think it would be best to adopt the improved strategy of Kouki-kun in the past”

When the training is over, Ellis who is calling me Commander revert back in calling me Captain. Certainly, the plan for Polar Operation formulated by Kouki has the highest success rate but there is one problem

“A force entry strategy that involves our Elite unit in raiding the enemy headquarters. The success rate is certainly high because it is an invasion from outside the atmosphere using inter-continental ballistic missiles but we need to ‘fly’ in order to do that”

“That is……”

Kouki is the only one who can fly by using a power suit which has external parts for flight. The rest of us can only float for a short time at best, we don’t know how long is the training needed for us to be able to fly properly. Also, based on Miki’s story, we don’t know how much experience Kouki have before he was able to do it.

“Training will be resumed after 2 hours, until then──”

I heard the sound of a knock, konkon. Who is it? There is no reason for visitors to come to the training ground which is more than 1,800 kilometers away from Noah Island.
(TN: konkon is knocking sfx, its not our little dragon)

“Come in”

When I allowed them to enter, two beautiful girls came into the room accompanied by Noah’s soldiers. I made a surprised voice.

“Her Highness Adriene! And also your Majesty Victoria… Pardon me! I thought you were my subordinate”

“Don’t worry about it. Long time no see, Shuichi-sama”

“It’s been quite some time”

The two greets me with a smile without worrying about my rudeness earlier but what exactly are they here for? The mages of Ursna Empire that we borrowed from her majesty Victoria are being treated as if they are like our own officers and to show our gratitude to Merkava Kingdom, their knights are allowed to observe our training.

While I was wondering on the reason why they come here, Her Majesty Victoria started to talk.

“The other day, Miki-dono informed us of the situation in Noah. Also about thy son, kouki-dono. As such, Ursna Empire and Merkava Kingdom heldst secret meetings with Noah as the topic”

“The conclusion of the meeting is to lend soldiers to Noah. In other words, we are considering sending soldiers of Alliance to the world of Shuichi-sama”

It was nice for the Empire and the Kingdom to lend their soldiers. However with their level of civilization, their soldiers will not be able to fight against New World. Rather, they will be annihilated instantly.

“Looking at thy face, i can understand what thee art thinking. Thee bethink our soldiers shall be of no use?”

“No, such a thing is… but if you fight in our world, you will be fighting enemies with the same equipment as ours”

“I know. Anyone who stand in front of your rifle are easily shot down. Anyone hiding underground can be crushed by missiles. Even a surprise attack can fail by only sending out your powersuits”

If you know all of that then why are you sending out soldiers. These two are not the type to waste their own soldiers. They must be planning something…

“We will not fight, instead can harass our enemies instead. If they are hiding in a terrain then we can change the terrain. If the weather is against you, we will change it. If we cannot beat a powersuit then we will use magic on the human inside it”

“Thee might think thine uncivilized barbarians but thine can learn from thee. Thou art protect the Empire and the Kingdom. It is thine turn now to protect thee”

“There is no concern about magical energy. If we charge the gems created by Kon-sama with magic, we can use magic in your world”

I am mistaken about them… no, I am mistaken about the people living in G-88. I thought they had no way to fight against our technology but is that really true? Given the tactics they just said, it will be easy for them to repel us or even defeat us. There is nothing more terrifying than enemy who can change the terrain and the environment. It will make all maps and tactics useless──

“Very well, we will officially request for volunteer soldiers from the Empire and the Kingdom”

“Leave it to us”

“Thee can count on us… I forgot, thither is a race who wished to take part on this battle whence they hear yond the battle shall taketh place in cold sea”

“Which race?”

I have a bad feeling about this. That’s right, this is the feeling when Kouki did outrageous thing.

“The Kraken race. They didn’t join the battle before because the battlefield is in the main land but it seems they wanth to join this time. They hast joined the last mock battle last time… The nu, nucle?”

“Do you mean Nuclear Submarine?”

“Oh! yondes right. They won gainst the Nuclear Submarine, Tolstoy. The Kraken toldst meth yond slow weapon like torpedoes art no match gainst them”

The torpedo equipped on Tolstoy are the improvise version of the super cavitation torpedo based on the Russian made ZS-115 Grom. The propulsion speed underwater is 200 knots. I can’t imagine what kind of creature that can call a torpedo travelling 370km/hour slow───



Author Notes: By the way, Grom Torpedo actually exists but it has a different name. It is the Russian Shkval Torpedo, it is a rocket propelled torpedo that moves underwater at 370 km/hr speed. It seems most have conventional explosive warheads but there are those with nuclear warheads as well. After all, Russia is deviant (It’s a compliment).

TN: Click the link on Russian Shkval Torpedo if you want to know more. I wrote Russia are freaks but the raw for the freak is actually ‘Hentai’, however it doesn’t make sense if I make it as pervert right? So I use Freak instead, since hentai can also be translated that way. **Diggydawg said that hentai can also be translated as deviant, it will make more sense if use that so thanks.

I don’t know when I can post the next chapter. I’ll try my best to translate as soon as I can. I will not drop this novel so be assured on that but for the next few weeks/month, the release might be as slow as this. I sincerely ask for your patience.








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  1. Generally something the size of s kraken isn’t thought of as a fast moving seacreature (monster) Just the water resistance… but if it can use magic… scary.
    Still not as scary as Mii-chan.
    Thanks for the chapter

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  2. Well.. to a creature specialized in water, a torpedo can be particularly obsolete 😅😅😅

    Thanks for the chapter!


      1. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a giant octopus move but it’s extremely fast! They are made to move quickly in the water!


    1. I would say something along the lines of another Wild Neppu appearing, but you are everywhere, so I’m thinking you might be a domesticated Neppu contrary to popular belief.


  3. I think your use of thine is wrong?
    I got confused when it use here
    Shouldn’t it be ours or something


    1. For example , this paragraph
      “Thee might think thine uncivilized barbarians but thine can learn from thee. Thou art protect the Empire and the Kingdom. It is thine turn now to protect thee”


      1. “Release the Kraken? Is that some kind of code? what does our infiltrator say?”
        “He says……he has no idea. it might be a bluff.”
        “Wait, what’s that in the water……huh, they actually have a real Kraken…”

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