KT69: Biological Weapons

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—- Miki Point of View —-

“Miki-san, it’s time”

Ellis-san said that to me while placing a tea on the table. I look at the staff waiting on the right side of my desk and nod to her. On the screen in front of me, the word “Connecting” is displayed. After a very short time, a man with a slightly pale face appeared on the screen.

“It’s been a while, President Shumsky”

“Long time no see, Miss Arakawa” (TN: ‘Miss’ written in katakana)

This will be the first time that we talk to each other after about a week since Kouki returned to Hakone base. The president of the Russian Federation who looks really tired responded with a low voice.

“I apologize for the trouble that we have cause with Captain Yurya and your top secret submarine”

“No, its no trouble. Despite the issues involving your son, we benefit greatly from the free broadcasting rights and the diamond mine”

The president is giving thanks with a troubled look. No wonder, its because I tried to call off the contract that Kouki signed with the Russian Federation due to their failure to protect him however Kouki, himself, insist in keeping the contract. “It is absolutely profitable to us! We won’t loose anything!”. I don’t know why he can say such things to the Political Department with full conviction.  I wonder if he succeed with this in one of his previous life…

“By the way, the topic of today discussion is…”

“Yes, it is about our attack to New World’s headquarters in Antarctica”

“I understand. We will spare no effort”

“Thank You. Well then, please take a look at this document”

I operate the terminal to introduce the reinforcement that we will have from G-88. Ma~ we have a way to “convince” them on what they are so there is no problem.

“This is… excuse me, but is this an image of a squid?”

“Yes, it is a living species created using the gene of a squid. The official name is G-88 Series – Type Kraken. It was developed by Noah’s Weapon Development Department… but since we are friend, I’ll tell you the truth. It is actually a biological weapon developed by my son”

“This is a weapon!?”

“Yes, this creature is 185 meters long and over 200 meters if you include its tentacles. Its movement speed in water is estimated to be 480 knots, its body is also covered by special mucus making them undetectable by sonar and heat sensors. As you can see in another image, they are extremely obedient”

While explaining, I show an image of Kouki playing with a Kraken named “Mu-san”. I was there at the time and Mu-san was very friendly. He lift up Kouki and Shingo-kun with its tentacle and move through the water in high speed. I will probably throw up if I travel in such speed.

“The next I want to show you is the G-88 Series – Type Dragon. This is a biological weapon combining the genes of a dinosaur and a lizard. It is 30 meters long and a part of its body inside is mechanized so it has the capability to shoot plasma flames through its mouth. It can also fly and its top speed is mach 6.7. They are also extremely obedient”

I show a photo of Alice-chan and Aikawa-san riding on Ririn-san’s back while laughing.  Although she is a white dragon, she is not just obedient but also extremely smart. Too bad I have to introduce them like this since I cannot tell the president that our reinforcement came from another world.

“Are all of this creatures created by Kouki?…”

“Yes. Especially the dragon, their skin is very hard and the only way to penetrate it is by firing multiple Electromagnetic Gun with a caliber of 200mm or more or you can overwhelm it with powersuits using armor piercing shells”

“It really is a monster”

“These are all the large-sized biological weapons that we have, from here on I will introduce you the weapons that we will use for land operation. This is one of them, same series of biological weapon, type-arachne. I think it is obvious when you see it but this creature is made by the genes of a spider and a human. This is confidential but we actually use my genes for this… Thanks to that, they can speak Japanese”

The president have a surprised face when he heard that we use human genes however there is no other way to introduce the Arachnes who have a human female body on their upper parts… It might be rude of me but fortunately all the human part of the Arachnes are beautiful so it is not embarrassing to say that they are made from my genes. The truth is, I wanted for a race the looks exactly like a spider such as the queen of the Arachne race but it cannot be help since they cannot handle cold places.

“Excuse me but… but are there any other creatures like this?”

“Yes, of course. There are 3 types of creatures where human genes were used but there are also other creatures such as snakes, centipede, mantis and bears──”

“No, don’t tell me anymore… I’ll just check the document later. So, what should we do?”

“Gather half of your National Security Unit in Vladivostok. The Kraken are going to be equipped with transport containers and will land on coast as soon as the gathering is complete. After that, they will be on standby offshore near Academy City”

“That is the territorial waters of your homeland… No, I understand. We will contact you as soon as we gather everyone”

“Thank you very much. I’ll talk to you later then──”

After I made sure that the call is over, I sip from my cup of tea. I have to contact the principal, Yamamoto-san, of the International Institute of Technology who is in charge of teaching Kouki Ethics education. Looks like she was being told by the United Nations due to the recent events. If situation become worst, I will hire her within Noah… That’s right! I should make arrangement about it just in case Kouki ask for it. I need to do all of that before I go to bed──


Author Notes: The stress of the principal is accumulating at mach speed (´・ω・`)







24 thoughts on “KT69: Biological Weapons

  1. The crazy thing is with their already advanced technology boosted even further by the Adam Race technology and Misunderstandings. They very likely actually have the capabilities make those types of biological weapon

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  2. 1 knot =2.05km/h
    480 knot = 984km/h
    At that speed, it is impossible for even the most desne of liquid NOT to ripple apart by sheer speed alone, that basicly leave the path whenever the creature move as such speed for prusuer to track from.
    MACH 6.7= 8.2K km/h
    Such insane speed even possible without destroying their flight environment?
    I guess the author not even mention ACTUAL impact to environment they take traverse to, even with magic compensators.
    Anyway, thanks 4 the chap.

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    1. Not really the usaf seems to be working on a sr72 replacement that’s expected to do mach 5 or 6 “officially”


  3. “… aren’t they seem a bit… odd, as biological weapons? I mean, it seems as if they are whole different races—”

    “They are biological weapons.”


    “They are biological weapons.”

    “……I understand.”

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