KT70: Lycoris

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Author Notes:
This will show the current situation of Shingo and the others(`・ω・´)


—- Kouki Point of View —-

“So tired…”


In the joint training of the Alliance this morning, Noah’s ground forces experienced hell when they were seriously being shot from the air and was trying to intercept it.  They were able to get a passing grade from Claire but everyone was exhausted. With all that happening, Kon and I drag our feet to the exclusive officer’s lounge to take a rest without eating anything but in there we saw Shingo’s face.


“Oh~ what’s up? It’s unusual to see you like this”

Shingo is wearing the uniform of Special Major General, it was given to him for a while but they did not expect him to fight. The rank was given so that he can freely enter and leave the laboratories in Noah.

“Yeah, I’ve come to see the Type-0 suit! It was kept in secret, I knew that it exist but I cannot go and see it. Now that the classification level is lowered, I thought I’ll take a look at it today”

“I see”

What my close friend is saying is plausible but I don’t think this guy will come to G-88 where there is no internet for such reason. Aikawa-san is supposed to attend the G-88 Space Development Conference today but is that why he is here? No… that is not enough reason for his behavior. For this guy to be fidgety and looking at me with upturned eyes so creepily, the only reason I can think of is that.

“Shingo, I think Alice and Aikawa-san will find that face cute but for me it is just creepy. You want that, right? You want [Satanachia]”

“Ah, eh.. well~ Aah”

“What language is that… Anyway, they uninstall the flight unit so if you want to fly we have to attach the prototype that we made before. I believe the weapon control unit that my father loaded will also be uninstalled. Of course, the weapons too”

No matter how kind my mom is, she will not hand over an 8th generation ‘Satanachia’ with full military equipment. Even if we only ask for the frame, I still don’t think that she will provide it so easily. She will probably degrade the armor by 2 generation, falling to 6th generation. If you consider the state of the world, it is still on par with the latest equipment.

“Are you sure I can have it?”

“Yup, I have the Type-0 powersuit. In exchange, help think of a good identification name for my Type-0 suit”

“Why not give it a name of a demon like Satanachia?”

I do think the name of the demons are cool but this time I would like to use a different name because Alice will be with me. I am in trouble because I couldn’t come up with a good name. For example, in Russia the name of natural phenomena such as mirages, rainstorms and lightning are being used. While in Japan, the powersuits are named after mountains such as Fuji, Tsurugi and Hiuchi.

“I see, so how about using the names of Japanese monsters?”

“Like Yamata no Orochi or Kagutsuchi? The name sounds good but I don’t think Alice will like it. Also Kon, you wouldn’t like it right? Since you are a girl after all” (TN: Yamata no Orochi is a legendary 8-headed and 8-tailed Japanese dragon. Kagutsuchi is a Shinto god of Fire, also known as Homusubi)

When I talk to Kon who is in the table drinking vegetable juice using a straw, she move her tail to the side. Looks like she also don’t like the idea.

“Ah, what about the name of angels? Alice-chan and Kon will surely don’t mind Angel names, won’t they?”

“That’s a good idea! We can even think of name of goddesses too”

“There are people in the Alliance who fought against the angels that you said on their legends. Those people won’t like this idea”

Kon uses her magic to advise us with floating letters. Certainly, there are those in the spirit race who have such legends when they joined us for the war. That means, angel names are not good either… now I am seriously troubled.

“Speaking of Alice-chan, have you asked her?”

“I got a call from mom after her training at noon. She stayed in the medical ward the whole afternoon to check any effect that the device might have on her brain”

“I see, Megu is also working today and I cannot contact her”

Megu!? Since when did this guy started to call Aikawa-san Megu!? This damn bastard!! Just because I was busy and not able to get close the same way with Alice?

“It looks like you are getting along really well, you bastard. So, what were you guys been doing recently?”

“Fuhi!! Just now, why does it sounds like you are up to something… Megu has been busy on a manned platform project which they will launch a satellite into orbit around G-88. It is a project which is impossible on Earth… This is just between us, but it seems she is busy because the project is for birth plan in space”

“Oi, that means…”

“Yeah. It seems she heard various experiments before on Earth and she wants to test it here. She got the consent of a researcher couple as a test subject and they will also use healing magic in case of emergency. I am more interested on the ‘maintenance’ of the Chernobog unit that you brought back”

“I see, some of them have mechanized parts in their body”

“You see, those people also want to do something that would violate the treaty on Earth too. More like, there are too many people who wants to do whatever they want since there is no concept of the treaty here. Just a while ago, there was trouble because someone wants to have a chainsaw installed in their arm”

Looks like those guys are also doing whatever they want in a different sense compared to Macho’s unit… There were some in the group that caused problem in the kingdom of Merkava and the Captain had to beat them up. I told that to Shingo and he started to wonder what could they have done to deserve that.

“A little while ago, a flock of demons appeared at a place where Noah was in charge of maintaining security. A fast carrier came from another village to pass the message and the members of Chernobog who heard it led an assault──”

“Fuhi, they did a dispatch”

“That was not a normal dispatch. They head out with armored personnel equiped with 20mm cannons! When they arrive in the village, they were shouting ‘Hyahha! Reinforcement is here, you small fry should stay back’ while they were eradicating the monsters”

“They might have done something overboard but looks like they are good people”

“The problem is after that. They could have just finished the job and returned home but they instead use a transport vehicle and go to a nearby post town to drink alcohol… They go there with heavy weapons loaded with live ammunition”

The guns have biometric recognition device installed so it cannot be operated by anyone except for the registered people but it still caused a big problem. The reason for the recognition system was because a mage of Ursna Empire in Macho’s unit tried to shoot a gun without permission. It must be a foolish reason like a beautiful mage asked someone if they can do like a 2 or 3 shots.

“Ma~ those people seems to be popular. They can keep the materials from hunting monsters. They sell it and use the money to buy drinks(alcohol). They pack what was left in a bag and give it to the orphanage and church. They don’t tell who they are but it is pretty obvious…”

Certainly, it would not be possible to know who they are if it is on Earth but here in G-88 military bag made of chemical fiber is only used by Noah. You will know who they are if they pack gold and silver coins in such bags. Especially if you use the same bag when buying something at the stores, it is only natural that they will know who it was.

That’s probably why the Captain beat them up and put them on detention for 5 days… While thinking about how shy those people are, I suddenly came up with a good name.

“Na, Shingo, what about ‘Lycoris’?”

“Eh? What is it so suddenly”

“The name of the Type-0! Lycoris… In Japanese, ‘Higanbana'” (TN: Higanbana means Red Spider Lily, also known as Lycoris Radiata. It is a plant in the amaryllis family. It is originally from China, Korea, and Nepal.)

“That’s a good name! The appearance of that flower is also flashy yet beautiful. It can also be described as ominous from an enemy point of view. It would be a good name for a combat powersuit. What do you think Kon?”

“Kon! Kyu!”

It looks like Kon also liekd it. Certainly, I like how the flower looks but that is not the only reason why I named it Lycoris. If someone ask me the reason on why I use this name, I will answer… that is the name I choose for Alice because it means ‘I always think of you’ in flower language but there is another reason, it has another meaning and that is ‘Reincarnation’── I’m pretty sure this name suits me.


TN: Here are some more facts about Red Spider Lily.
1. They usually bloom near cemeteries and are always associated with death.
2. The Japanese name ‘Higanbana’ also means ‘The flower of afterlife’
3. They are often described as ominous flowers that grow in hell and guide the dead to reincarnation
4. Often used in funerals
5. When they bloom, it means summer is ending and autumn is starting
6. Has a lot of names, Red Magic Lily, Hurricane Lily, resurrection Lilly, Equinox Lilly, Manjushage, Manjusaka, Keiketsuso, Shibitobana and Yureibana
7. Lycoris Radiata is the scientific name







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