KT72: Start of War

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Author Notes: The third volume of [I got reincarnated and mistaken as a genius], is released today!

TN: Chapter posted on August 25, 2016


—- Arakawa Kouki Point of View —-

10 minutes before the hand of the clock which is hanging in the wall hit midnight, the command center located underground of Hakone Base have a tense atmosphere. It can’t be helped on this situation. In 10 minutes, Noah will begin its first official military operation.

The target is New World’s Headquarters, which is located in Antarctica. The Russian Federation in cooperation with our Alliance Forces including Merkava Kingdom and Ursna Empire will begin the assault. Three days ago, mom spoke with United Nation and she filed sanction against New World. She also did a propaganda broadcast in Noah Channel………

“Oh, I won?”

“You again! How can you keep on winning like that?”

“Ah, you are just bunch of weaklings”

“What did you say?” (TN: ‘You’ in ‘コラァ/kora’)

This again… Recently, the members of Chernobog who learned how to play Mahjong to pass time are fighting against each other. Honestly, I don’t have the courage to stop them from fighting especially since half of them have different appearance due to some modification. Could it be that they are in standby here playing mahjong because they cannot understand anything anyway even if they join the strategy meeting? I sigh and  call out to Captain who is silently standing next to me with her arms folded.

“Captain, is there nothing we can do?”

“Shikikan-dono, it is necessary to relieve stress. However, Ma~ I guess they are going overboard this time……”

The Captain think for a bit while looking at the members who are fighting against each other. She pull a gun out from the holster she is wearing on her side and then quietly started to count with a serious voice.

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1────”

The members who saw the figure of the Captain quickly put away the Mahjong table and did a salute. Ma~ Maybe, Captain really intends to shoot when her count reaches 0. In their current form it will not be fatal as long as they are not shot in the head.

“Thank you very much. I don’t think I need to ask but how is the preparation of the unit?”

“Everything is ready. However, it will still depend on the outcome of our Navy Fleet since we will take part on land operation. Is it really possible for Noah to defeat New World’s Submarine Fleet?”

“I think it will be a tough fight. It depend on Noah’s Fleet who will be fighting alongside the Krakens to do their best”

At the start of operation, Noah Fleet will rush into New World’s Defensive line in waters. We expect the enemy submarine fleet to attack at the same time and we plan to eliminate them with the help of the Krakens. After taking control of the sea, we have a simple transfer gate that we developed which we will use to sortie our land troops.

“Also, one more thing… about the matter I discuss the other day?”

“There is no problem with that since ‘WE’ are your unit. After we enter the enemy facility, we will send false information to Noah to confuse everyone. But, are you really sure about this?”

“That’s why I have a secret weapon. Even so, are you really sure about what you asked of me in exchange for this?”

“Umu(affirmative nod), that is more than enough”

The other day, when the Captain bring me to her room I asked her for a favor. The captain had a displeased look about it but she promised to cooperate. In exchange, they requested something to me, as the Commander of Chernobog──

“The freedom to get married… Why do you need permission to do that? Did anyone from the unit found someone good at G-88?”

“There are some who seem to be but it is I, myself, who actually want to get married. Once all of this battle is over, I was asked by Anton to be with him”


“He is a good man. Even I, want to be with someone who I like”

Is that so, so this is the answer on the mystery of why Anton-san is willing to risk his life for Captain Yurya. Also, if I leave the situation as is, Captain will probably die. No, she will absolutely die. It is similar to that “I will marry you once this battle is over” and “I will never die in this fight”. The flag is raised. The problem is how to avoid it…

“Captain, strictly prohibit Anton-san from leaving Hakone Base until the operation is over. No matter the reason, he absolutely cannot leave. If necessary, I will issue a written order as the commander. In worst case scenario, you may imprison him in the warehouse”

“Roger, but why do we need to do that?”

The Captain asked me a question while having a doubtful face but I ignore her. For now, we can avoid the situation where Anton-san is caught in something which may cause his death. More like, their situation is actually reversed! It will be a situation where the main character dies because he tried to protect the heroine but why is the heroine in the battlefield!? First of all, why is the protagonist trying to save the heroine? We can revive the protagonist by having the heroine cast a resurrection spell but since Anton-san and her are not residents of G-88, that is rejected… How about a charm?

“Captain, Anton-san smoke cigarettes right? Please borrow his oil lighter and put it in your chest pocket. Also, I am ordering you to wear a bullet proof vest”

“……I get it. In the future that you have repeatedly experienced, I who dream of marrying Anton ‘died'”

No, its bad enough that she misunderstood me but she is totally wrong about it. However, this situation is actually convenient…. I should make a serious expression here.

“Make sure to avoid that, that’s why follow my instruction”

“Roger that, Shikikan-dono. I will meet Anton-san for a bit but I will come back immediately”

I look at the clock after she left the room and there’s only 20 seconds remaining before midnight. The main screen of Noah’s Command Center shows the fleet of Noah sailing on the sea. Other screens are displaying the radars and appearance of each ship. As for the flagship, Macho is on-board together with Merkava and Ursna Magicians who have the gems made by Kon to store Magical Energy.

It’s okay, I’m sure everything will proceed according to plan. I look down and take a deep breath and when I raise my face the clock hit midnight──


Author Notes: I will avoid the Death Flag of Captain Yurya with all my might  (`· ω ·))

TN: Do you guys want to retain Shikikan-dono? or should I change it to ‘Commander’? The only reason I retain ‘Kakka’ before is because there is no proper translation about it(that will make sense) but this one has proper translation that we can use so I will let you guys decide. Majority wins.






39 thoughts on “KT72: Start of War

  1. My author’s instincts is telling me that there is a possibility that Kouki know who the new world scientist is? Or if not that, then she would likely fall for him…


      1. I mean he was a researcher in his previous life, and remember even they alien they found on the moon fell for him


  2. ‘commander’ please, as I’m thinking that they are speaking in Russian and -dono sounds weird in this case.

    Thanks for the chapter


    1. I hear them having accents… And for some reason I have captain Yurya having Angelina Jolie’s face in my head recently… And Anton having Brad Pit’s

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      1. so just little past form vol 3 and little more for supposed vol 4 eh, too bad just little more and the story at last can end in more complete closure rather than left hanged right now


  3. I would prefer Commander and Kakka
    The whole “second-hand experience thing” is really nice for our protagonist to get away with stuff
    Thanks for the chapter


  4. Use Shikikan if you want it more intimate, Kakka for more formal calling.
    P/S: As a plebians on Washington server of Azur Lane( as all Azur Lane players know), those kind of calling is daily occurance that you’ll get used to it.

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  5. I kind of want the spot that Anton would have been to come under a surprise attack or something now and the lighter to be useful just because

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      1. Yeah.
        Since it’s only the cybertroops using it it shows they’ve got their own way of calling out to the Major General.
        Kill the flag bearer!
        Er, in this case that would be defeating the purpose of avoiding the death flag.
        Try replacing it with Black Flag song from Repo Man

        Thanks for the chapter


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