Announcement (08/28/2019)



Sorry guys! I know its been a while since I post the last chapter. I’m still busy and taking care of some personal stuff… Its family stuff that I can’t disclose the detail but I’m still so busy that I don’t have time to translate. I just go to sleep on my free time cause I’m too tired.

Anyway, I will still not be able to post anytime soon. I already translated half of the next chapter but don’t have time to continue yet… once I have the time I plan to post couple of chapters in one go but not sure when. I’m hoping I can start translating again late September but I still don’t know what will happen so I cannot guarantee. Anyway, I’m still alive and just want to apologize to anyone waiting for the series.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

PS: I started translating KT because no one is  translating it, if someone wants to pick it up because they can’t wait, feel free… at least before I come back. If someone is already translating KT when I come back, I will continue God’s Breathing instead.





Sorry but no chapters for last week and this week. My PC’s motherboard is busted and had to wait for my paycheck to get a new one. Anyway, my computer will be ready by sunday, I hope,.. I’ll translate 2 chapters on my off to make it up to you guys. For now, I apologize for those who are waiting.

I’m posting this from my phone, I didn’t realize immediately that I can do that. Silly me.

Once again sorry and thanks!